MicroMix solo vintage music

The MicroMix can be associated with any type of microphone, to give gain but also to equalize the sound recording in order to obtain a finalized high quality rendering. The use is very simple.

Set the MicroMix to your instrument and microphone by unscrewing the 4 screws on the back panel:
MicroMix solo vintage

You can adjust the MicroMix with the phantom power connected, there is no risk of electrocution.

The neutral setting in the MicroMix is as follows:
SW2: 1 = OFF 2 = OFF
SW8: 1 = OFF 2 = ON 3 = ON 4 = OFF 5 = OFF 6 = OFF 7 = ON 8 = OFF

For strong signals, you can switch the attenuator switch SW8: 2 = OFF

For instruments that do not require bass, you can switch the LoCut switch in the MicroMix: SW8: 3 = OFF

It is interesting to cut the midrange frequencies a bit: SW8: 8 = ON
for some instruments, it is better to cut at 400Hz rather than cut at 700Hz, we switch the switch SW8: 6 = ON

For a guitar if you want shine in the sound, you can switch the switches: SW2: 1 = ON and SW8: 7 = OFF
for some guitar you can lower the treble frequency to be amplified: SW8: 1 = ON lower the frequency from 5kHz to 2kHz.

Take the time to test the configuration adapted to your use.

In the case of use with a condenser microphone (Neumann U87 type), an external phantom power supply should be added to power the microphone (the MicroMix will be powered by the sound card).

More information in the user manual .

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