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The microphones of radio studios are of the type: SM7, RE20 or Neumann BCM. They require the use of a quality analog preamplifier and an equalizer compressor to process the vocals (increased clarity and bass). Digital corrections will easily accentuate the flaws and make the radio tiring to listen to. A good quality analog processing will make it possible to obtain a clear and powerful sound with a softness pleasant to listen to and muffled bass.

MicroMix alone is enough to achieve this result.

(Avoid the use of USB microphones which do not allow the addition of an external device).

The MicroMix once configured will keep the treatment obtained without risk of accidental modification.

The basic configuration of the MicroMix for the radio is:
SW2: 1 = ON 2 = OFF
SW8: 1 = OFF 2 = ON 3 = ON 4 = OFF 5 = ON 6 = OFF 7 = OFF 8 = ON

The Neumann BCM 104 microphone like the Schoeps MK4 has 10x times of gain than the BCM 705, RE20 or SM7, it is preferable for these microphones to switch the attenuator switch SW8: 2 = OFF in the MicroMix.

The vintage MicroMix rack exists in 3 versions depending on the number of microphones to be processed:

MicroMix Rack vintage x3
MicroMix Vintage rack x4
MicroMix Rack vintage x5