MicroMix FET
MicroMix FET
MicroMix FET
MicroMix FET

MicroMix FET

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FET preamp, passive EQ for microphone.

A new analog recording concept :

 Input transformer.

 Pultec RLC passive Eq. Settings can be changed  with Microswitchs.

 30db classe A JFET preamp. Microswitch attenuator.

 large headroom, low noise.

 symetrical imput / output.

 current consumption : 7.5mA / 48Vdc

 size : 120x80mm H : 40mm

warranty : 3 years

For all type of microphones : static, dynamic or ribbon.

A great recording studio sound in a little box.

Essential audio gear for home-studio, voice recording, youtubers and live sessions.