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Nanomix Fet

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Mini FET preamplifier, passive equalizer for static or dynamic microphones.
usable depending on the options, for voice (spoken or sung), or for music (all types of instruments).

We choose the model adapted to its application, to obtain the best possible rendering (see the available options).

Very high quality miniature equalizer preamplifier usable in studio or live for dynamic microphones (SM58 style, AKG D5...), condenser microphones (BETA87 style, KMS104.. .) or ribbon microphones (style AEA, Royer, Melodium 42b, ...).

If you choose the "Static" option, the NanoMix automatically feeds phantom power back to the microphone.

A simplified version of MicroMix :

Passive RLC equalization (PULTEC style) of very high audio quality.
Notch at fixed frequency adapted according to the chosen option , high pass and low pass switchable by microswitches.

Possibility of a tailor-made equalization perfectly adapted to your voice (contact us).

Class A JFET preamplifier, 22db gain for the "Dynamic" or "Ribbon" option and 12db for the "Static" option.
The gain of the preamplifier is adapted to for both studio and live performance. Condenser microphones generally deliver a stronger signal than dynamic microphones, so the gain of the NanoMix is lower for the "Static" option.

It is necessary to switch 48V phantom power on your mixer or sound card.

very low noise balanced output.

Large gain margin (headroom).

Input impedance 30kohm, output impedance 1000ohm

Suitable for all types of dynamic microphones.

7mA under 48V for the "Dynamic" or "Ribbon" option.
3mA + microphone consumption for the "Static" option.< /p>

Warranty: 3 years.

Allows you to instantly improve the sound of your lives and recordings, we obtain an amplified and mixed sound (radios, music, concerts, youtube...)

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