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All our products are designed and manufactured in Bordeaux - France, with the greatest respect for environmental constraints:

The electronics are designed for minimum consumption: no battery or external power supply, all products are self-powered by the 48vphantom of the sound card or mixer .

The cases are made in France by professional 3D printing.

The packaging is recyclable and made in France.

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olivier vedel


olivier vedel +(33) 6 77 86 97 64


-Training: Engineer graduated from the National School of Electronics and its Applications (ENSEA), major promotion.

-Responsible for studies in industrial measurement.

-Creation in 2002 of the 1st thematic streaming web radio package (8 thematic radio stations).

-Creation in 2006 of the “à fleur de rock” festival.

-Creation in 2010 of STUDIO-504 and LABEL-504, specializing in the production of artists for streaming on all platforms.

-Development since 2008 of the OVEDEL range of electronic products for high-end studio / home-studio applications: equalizers, preamplifiers, microphones, speakers…