MicroMix live

The MicroMix is used live, in order to preamplify the signals of the stage microphones and to provide an equalization correction. The sound will be better defined, clearer with more impact, the musicians will hear themselves more clearly in the returns, and the quality of the sound on the front panel will be significantly improved.

The live mixer is often of average quality, depending on the scene the sound is never the same. The use of the MicroMix will help relieve the mixer, the sound will be cleaner and the rendering more constant from one scene to another.

There is often a fairly large distance between the stage and the sound control room, the preamplification of the signals directly on stage will provide much better sound quality (reduced noise).

You can use the MicroMix solo vintage on the stage next to the 'instrument or vocals, you can also use the MicroMix Rack Vintage to group together all the MicroMixes in the same place on the stage.

The MicroMix can also be used directly on the audio output of wireless microphone receivers.

Set your MicroMixes in advance for instruments or vocals, the settings are protected in the device without risk of mishandling.

To avoid saturation in the case of strong signals, you can switch the attenuator switch SW8: 2 = OFF

Do not hesitate on stage to cut unnecessary low frequencies on certain instruments or vocals SW8: 3 = OFF in order to release the frequencies for the bass guitar.

You can also cut the high frequencies of the MicroMix of the bass amplifier if you want a more subdued sound SW8: 4 = ON

Basic edge setting for SM58:
SW2: 1 = ON 2 = OFF
SW8: 1 = OFF 2 = ON 3 = OFF 4 = OFF 5 = OFF 6 = OFF 7 = OFF 8 = ON

Basic guitar amp setting for SM57:
SW2: 1 = ON 2 = OFF
SW8: 1 = ON 2 = OFF 3 = OFF 4 = OFF 5 = OFF 6 = OFF 7 = OFF 8 = ON

Basic bass amplifier setting for SM57:
SW2: 1 = ON 2 = OFF
SW8: 1 = ON 2 = OFF 3 = ON 4 = ON 5 = OFF 6 = OFF 7 = OFF 8 = OFF

MicroMix bass guitar amplifier < / p>

The MicroMix can easily be added to a guitar pedal board.
Insert the microphone cable (eg SM57) on the MicroMix input, and the output goes to a mixer input with phantom power .

MicroMix guitar pedal

More information in the user manual.

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