MicroMix solo vintage voiceover

The vintage MicroMix solo achieves a perfect, clear and intelligible vocal pickup with great dynamics, power and muffled bass.

It's ideal for voiceovers, youtubers or podcasters.

The MicroMix can be used with any type of professional MicroPhone. USB microphones cannot be supported because they do not allow the use of an external analog device.

The MicroMix is entirely analog, and uses renowned technologies: studio quality input transformer, RLC passive filter, FET preamplifier.

If we remove the 4 rear screws of the MicroMix, we access the configuration switches.
The basic configuration of the MicroMix for the voice is:
SW2: 1 = ON 2 = OFF
SW8: 1 = OFF 2 = ON 3 = ON 4 = OFF 5 = ON 6 = OFF 7 = OFF 8 = ON

Using a microphone with high output gain, such as the Neumann U87, may require switching the attenuator in the MicroMix: SW8: 2 = OFF

Once configured, all you have to do is connect the MicroMix to the sound card by switching the phantom power supply (the white MicroMix led must light up).
In the case of use with a condenser microphone (Neumann U87 type), an external phantom power supply should be added to power the microphone (the MicroMix will be powered by the sound card).
There are many references to external phantom power at low cost, be careful however for quality, some power supplies can add a 50Hz hum to your sound recordings.

The setting will be kept in the MicroMix without risk of false manipulation, the sound recordings will all be similar.

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