3DMix 1.0 binaural
3DMix 1.0 binaural
3DMix 1.0 binaural
3DMix 1.0 binaural

3DMix 1.0 binaural

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Binaural head for 1/2 scale stereo 3D audio recording.

Built-in high-definition condenser microphones: wide bandwidth, high sensitivity and very good signal-to-noise ratio.
-bandwidth: 20Hz-20kHz
-outputs: 2x standard XLR
-power supply: phantom 48V required for the 2 XLR outputs
-standard support for microphone stands
-consumption per output: 2.5mA
-sensitivity: 30mV/Pa ( 1kHz @ 50cm)
-Signal to noise ratio: 74db
-Max SPL (THD<3%): 110db
-operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C
-dimensions: height 125mm, width 100mm, depth 92mm

Ideal for ambient sound recording, ASMR, portable recorders such as ZoomH4 (device not included).

For the classic 3DMix 1.0, it is advisable to add the binaural correction equalization, directly on the sound software: cut from -12bd to 9kHz Q-factor between 6 and 12.
The binaural 3DMix FET 1.0 automatically integrates this correction.

Made in France