O VEDEL Laboratoire Audio, une entreprise artisanale française

Since 2008, O VEDEL Laboratory Audio has been offering its products for sale, specializing in the recording and processing of sound in many fields, but more particularly in the field of music.

It is the first French company to manufacture microphones and binaural heads for musical use and for individuals. Its small size does not prevent us from offering quality products that are easy to use, whether you are a neophyte or a professional in the field. O VEDEL products are recognizable by their sober and sophisticated design.

The raw materials are carefully selected to guarantee the best quality for our products while maintaining their accessibility and authenticity. These are then used to make our bianural heads and our microphones in our workshop, in the heart of the Bordeaux metropolis.

We are proud to be able to offer you more environmentally friendly products since 2017 with more ecological manufacturing methods and the use of regional wood.

To sum up, O VEDEL Laboratoire Audio is the leading French microphone and binaural head design company, offering quality products equaling the leaders in the recording and audio processing market. his.

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